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Get to Know Us

The many different ways to learn about the club and meet fellow hikers:


This is our primary form of communication where you can hear about upcoming events, trips, and other updates about the club. You can join our email list by subscribing on the home page.


At the start of every semester, we host a fun gathering on campus to welcome new members, share updates, and give away awesome outdoor gear! Attending is a great way to learn about the club and meet fellow members.


We are not currently holding office hours because we do not have an office in the

University Memorial Center (UMC) for Fall 2022. If this changes, we will notify everyone via email.


We host social hours at local restaurants, pubs, and parks every week. This is the best way to hang out with the officers and meet other members. It's also a great way to show your enthusiasm for the club and get accepted on trips!

Join the Club

There are many perks to becoming a member. Here's everything you need to know!

The CU Hiking Club is a group of hikers, backpackers and adventure-lovers that come together to explore the areas around Boulder! We lead trips every weekend of various difficulty and hold weekly social hours for members to get together and socialize.

What is the Hiking Club at CU?

$20 for 1 semester   •   $30 for 1 year  •   $75 for 5 years

Stop by our office hours to pay your dues, which is required in order to attend trips.

We accept cash, or you can Venmo @CUHIKINGCLUB.

How much does a membership cost?

​First, subscribe to our email list on the home page! Almost all of our updates are communicated via weekly emails. Then fill out this WAIVER. You can pay your dues during your first hike.

How do I join?

Nope! Anyone associated with the university can join!

Do I have to be a student to join?

In addition to joining our trips, members receive discounts from our sponsors, as well as free gear rentals from our office! For more info, please visit our Resources page (not up yet).

What are the membership perks?

We do not have an office in the University Memorial Center (UMC) for Fall 2022, so we do not currently have a primary location for you to visit. Please contact us by email instead.

Where are you located?

Trips! We have trips almost every weekend during semesters, as well as fall and spring break trips.

Social Hours! We host meet-ups every week. This is a great way to meet the officer and other members!

Special Events! We also have lectures where guest speakers talk about a variety of outdoor subjects.

What events do you have?

We send out emails at the beginning of each week with details about upcoming trips. Each trip will include an application that must be filled out by a designated date and time.

How do I apply for a trip?

Yes! You may fill out an application for a trip before you are an official member. Just be sure to mention this in your email, and stop by our office to become a member before the trip.

Can I apply for a trip without being a member?

Don't fret! Our trips can be very competitive because we have limits on the group size for every hike. Be sure to mention in your next email application that you were rejected, and come to our social hours, office hours, and volunteer events to introduce yourself!

I didn't get on a trip. Now what?

It's mandated by the parks we visit as a part of Leave No Trace Principles. We have good relationships with the parks/open spaces we hike in, so we take these rules very seriously. Limiting group sizes also makes it easier for our officers to manage the trips and make sure everyone is safe and having a great time!

Why do you limit group sizes?

Trips vary in price depending on the length and destination. Most weekend trips cost $10-20 for parking/entrance fees, etc. (not including gas). Break trips can vary widely depending on the length and location, but tend to cost anywhere from $10-50/day.

What do trips cost?

Our officers normally hold weekly office hours, but we do not have an office for Fall 2022.

Any changes to this schedule will be mentioned via email and social media.

When are office hours?

If you're interested in becoming an officer, talk to one of the officers during their office hours. They can give you more information on what is required and how you can get started. We are always looking for new officers, but you must have an officer nomination to become an officer.

How do I become an officer?

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