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Founded in 1919, the Hiking Club at CU has built an adventurous community of students who wish to explore the wilderness around Boulder and across the United States. From casual hikers to advanced backpackers, the club strives to create a forum for people to meet and explore together. We lead both day-hikes and overnight trips every weekend throughout the school year during fall, winter, and spring! The club is run by a passionate group of Officers who care deeply about their members' physical and emotional wellbeing, while also working to carry on over 100 years of tradition.


Our amazing officers are here to help you get outdoors! The club is run by three Executive Officers and several Junior Officers who handle administrative tasks, club organization, and outreach. Officers organize the weekly trips, including logistics, transportation, gear, and food, while making sure that everyone on the trip has a great time! All of our officers have some level of medical training, whether that's WFR, WFA, WEMT, or basic first aid. We work together to make sure your trip is fun, safe and memorable!

Meet the Officers


Just a dude who loves his dog.

Jacob Dyck

Executive Officer

Kasey Madsen.jpg

A short, scraggly, freckle-faced redhead who compensates with a valiant V8 steed. Also known as a champion bear rider and the fastest easter bunny to ever complete the Skyline Traverse. The mountains have repeatedly filed restraining orders against her, but you can't stop true love. A trip with this weirdo includes a tape deck music adapter, hiking too fast for too long, and almost running into her when she stops to pick up rocks.

Kasey Madsen

Executive Officer


Ricky is a mechanical engineering student originally from Corvallis, Oregon. Aside from hiking, he loves to mountain bike, trail run, and ski. He is concerningly bad at not getting lost, but at least half of the hikers that go on trips with him usually make it back.

Ricky Wood

Executive Officer


A Wisconsinite whose favorite food is ice cream despite being lactose intolerant. She came to Colorado to escape the seasonal depression of midwest winters, and of course to enjoy the mountain views. When she's not hiking, skiing, or reading Hanna can be found in Koelbel studying Operational Management. Hike with her to hear about how her friend stepped in her feces...

Hanna O'Brien



Isaac is originally from Florida. He had no idea where to start with hiking when he first arrived, but the Hiking Club was a great resource for him to get to know Colorado. He is now a proud officer and loves helping others explore. Isaac is a Geology major at CU, so if you see his name on an upcoming hike, be ready to learn about some rocks!!

Issac Leb


Sidney Yarnall.jpg

Sidney says she’s from Philly, when in reality she’s from a suburb outside the city. Aside from hiking, she likes running, skiing, reading, consuming loads of caffeine, and watching scary movies. She’s studying Media Production with an emphasis on Film and Journalism (which really means she has no idea what she’s doing and just wants to make crazy cool documentaries). She struggles to pick up on sarcasm or form any acceptable dance moves.

Sidney Yarnall


Dawson Stremme.jpg

Dawson is from Philly, the land of cheesesteaks and hoagies. He is currently a junior at CU where he studies astrophysics. Outside of the classroom, he enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and going to foosball tournaments in Denver. His favorite trip with the club is backpacking 4 Pass Loop.

Dawson Stremme



A simple monkey-brained Marine who’d give anything to be a 19th-century outlaw cowboy riding a dun-colored mustang stallion through the old west. He will carry gummy bears on every hike, and champions the idea of “it could be worse”. One day he’ll rejoin the Marine Corps as a commissioned officer and participate in extreme camping and hiking on some remote Pacific islands. For now, he’s enjoying the Boulder views, easy-breezy life of a History major, and hiking until his knees give out.

Steven Krokodilos

Officer & Gear Monkey


He likes sticks.


Honorary Officer


Rocko is the official Hiking Club lizard. She loves the outdoors, but only when it’s hot. If you see her name on a hike, expect a toasty day. She doesn't actually enjoy hiking, but she loves sitting on her dad's back while he hikes. Her dad is Officer Isaac, who named her after his favorite thing - Rocks.


Honorary Officer

Officer Alumni

Sam Prestige.jpg

Originally from McLean, VA, Sam came to Boulder for Environmental Engineering at CU - but really she moved out here for the mountains. Sam fell in love with hiking, skiing, climbing, and basically anything outdoors. These activities led her to the CU Hiking Club. Join Sam on a hike (when she’s not injured) and you’ll hear her wow over absolutely every view and wildflower, as well as always finding a dog to pet.

Sam Prestige

Executive Officer & Social Media

Greta Koenig.jpg

A Boulder native, Greta became a dedicated hiker by the time she could walk. She was unable to find any place cooler than Boulder for college, so she stayed to study chemical engineering. Go hiking with Greta and you'll hear all the local secrets and definitely not get lost in the woods while trying to find an exciting new trail. You may also find Greta skiing, making hummus, or looking at cows.

Greta Koenig

Executive Officer


Tristan was born in Santa Barbara, CA, but spent most of his life in the Eastern Sierra. In addition to hiking, Tristan loves knuckle-dragging the gnar and crushing V8 boulders like veggie juice. As the club's official Hiker Mom, you can expect Tristan to bring dog treats, dad jokes, and excessive enthusiasm on every hike. Just be prepared to hear him talk endlessly about working at REI and his delicious homemade nut butters. Can you guess his age?

Tristan Blommer

Officer & Web Designer


Maya is a senior Biochemistry and Public Health major who thought she was a fast hiker until she joined the hiking club. She’s still pretty quick, but the plant, fungi, and other assorted wildlife viewing keeps her a little busy. She drinks two lattes every morning (yes, even while backpacking), role plays as a bean scientist, and can do at least 6 pull-ups (wow).

Maya Nelson

Officer & First Aid Advisor

Neena Parikh.jpg

Neena is your friendly neighborhood professional snacker. You will find her on the trail with a full bag of salt 'n' vinegar chips and a metric crap ton of Subway sandwiches. Zion is her favorite National Park, and she is always down for some gnarly off-roading. She also plays guitar, so be ready for some fire campfire jam sessions!! :)

Neena Parikh


Liam Duncan.jpg

The greatest bear boxer this side of the pacific (yes, he is better than Anthony [but only on alternating Tuesdays]). On his day’s off from bear boxing, he will sometimes hike, but he only hikes to lakes. It's just a weird thing he does. Don't ask us. He also pretends to be Irish, like all the time.

Liam Duncan

Officer & Irish Culture Consultant

Maeve Banavige.jpg

You can find Maeve in the Kombucha aisle of Whole Foods or on the trails around Boulder. She’s from Minnesota, but came to Colorado to live out her inner crunchy granola girl lifestyle! When not hiking, drawing, climbing, or embarrassing herself in public, Maeve can be found studying Geography (the earth rocks!!). Come hike with Maeve for a good time!!

Maeve Banavige


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