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Officer Alumni

A Long Legacy

The Hiking Club at CU was established in 1919, and our tradition of exploration has stood the test of time. Countless officers have guided this club into the outdoors, so we would like to honor their efforts.

This alumni page was started in 2022, but we will continue to acquire more information

about past officers in order to expand our commemoration.


Hannah Godmynameislong.JPG

She thinks hiking is pretty cool.

Hannah Giovannotto

Executive Officer


Originally from Minnesota, Siobhan now spends most of her time hiking in the Front Range. She majors in Accounting and Information Management, with a minor in Classics. Siobhan also knows the best time to hike Mt. Sanitas in order to pet as many dogs as possible. On hikes, she’ll tell the best puns you’ve ever heard and stories about getting too close to wild animals. When not hiking, she can be found skiing and talking about her work on satellites.

Siobhan Cleary

Executive Officer


This is Mark Woodard.

Mark Woodard

Executive Officer

Ari Nelson.jpg

Ari hasn't sent us her bio because she's somewhere in South America, but she's pretty neat.

Ari Nelson

Executive Officer


Everyone has heard of Marty, yet no one has actually seen him. Legend has it that he was once an officer of the club, perhaps even an executive, but there's no real proof. On the annual hut trip during winter break, when hikers start "talking turkey" with a bottle of whiskey, Marty can sometimes be seen running naked through the snow outside. Fact or fiction?There's only one way to find out...

Marty LaRoque

? ? ?

Kayla Hill.jpg

Not Hannah's twin.

Kayla Hill



Avid bear fighter. Occasionally combats wombats. Can be seen, like the cryptid Yeti, face down in a pile of snow "soaking in the cold". Enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities, including sunbathing like a lizard, canoeing, photography, motorcycling, (not) hiking, and the rare tree-and-glue sniffing sesh.

In his free time, he likes to paint and mail postcards to people. He is a rock enthusiast, as in he climbs them to assert dominance.

Anthony Nguyen



Caroline is a pizza enthusiast studying Strategic Communication on the Media Design track. She is originally from the not-so-mountainous state of Connecticut. She came out here for the epic views and the oh-so-cool people. Always smiling and taking life as it comes, she’s excited to see where the world takes her next.

Caroline Hoffman


Eddie Riccio.jpg

Eddie is a super chill adventure-seeker from Connecticut. He came to Colorado to study rocks and have fun in the trees. When he's not getting giggly over granite, you can find him singing karaoke at Dark Horse every Thursday night.

Eddie Riccio


Mia Karlsrud.jpg

Mia is originally from Alameda, CA and fell in love with exploring as a little girl with her grandpa who took her hiking on the weekends. She went to CU for Media Production and because of her interest in learning more about the outdoors. Besides hiking, Mia enjoys playing with her dog, cooking, snowboarding, scuba diving, finding new music, running, and going on adventures to new places!

Mia Karlsrud


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